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We are an organization made up of 28 companies, which supply water to 8 276 533 inhabitants. The aqueduct systems benefit 2 489 population settlements. To do this, we have 23,209 km of pipe networks, 2,714 pumping stations, 3,256 installed equipment, 2,288 drinking water treatment facilities, including 87 drinking water plants.


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Direct, audit and advise subordinate companies and base business units, as well as supervise their results, with efficient business performance, which provides an effective and competitive management of the Group to satisfy the needs of our society in water supply and evacuation of liquid waste, as well as contributing to the development of hydraulic infrastructure, saving water resources, and protecting the environment.


Cuño Agua y Saneamiento

To be a Superior Organization of Business Management with efficient management capacity, to provide a good water and sanitation service in order to successfully achieve the strategic objectives and contribute to improving the quality of life of the cuban population.