Unclogging, repair and replacement of indoor facilities related to wastewater

Unclogging, repair and replacement of indoor facilities related to wastewater

All the Aqueduct and Sewerage companies in the country have clearing within their mission, but it should be noted that, in the case of Havana, the Basic Sanitation Company (ESBH) is dedicated to the clearing of the home and Aguas de la Habana to clearing. external networks.

In the year approximately more than 123 thousand unobstructions are carried out.

To clean interior pits, there must be a prior contract in National Currency or Freely Convertible Currency, as appropriate, and the legal or natural client makes a report at the office authorized for that purpose.

The card with the client's data and the number of trips to be executed is given to the driver of the pit-cleaning truck; When arriving at the client's address, you must show the application form delivered in the commercial office, this guarantees the security of the service and is the proof that you made the payment. The client is obliged to show the ticket that accredits the request and payment of the service as a requirement to perform the service.

The crew is made up of 2 members, a driver and an assistant, who follow the following order of actions:   

  1. The truck is moved to the customer's address.
  2. Identify the place and confirm the possibility of executing the work.
  3. Review and prepare the place demanding that it be free of obstacles, as well as any danger that hinders the work.
  4. They disassemble the hoses, connect them, use other tools to unclog the pit, insert the hoses and start the extraction.
  5. Carry out the extraction of the liquid waste from the pit with the depressor.
  6. Show the client the work so the quality of the work is clear.
  7. Collect the hoses and work tools.
  8. They move to the authorized dumping site and carry out the waste disposal operation.
  9. Once this action is concluded, they go to the customer's address, which may be the same depending on the amount of travel to be given.

The dumping sites for authorized liquid waste are those approved by CITMA and the authorities of the territory.

When for some reason the cleaning of the pit is not resolved, it will be informed by the CLF driver to those interested in the UEB, who must apply the necessary actions to solve the case.