Works for the satisfaction and well-being of the population in Cienfuegos
24 Nov 2020
Salideros en Cienfuegos

The Cienfuegos Aqueduct and Sewerage company is engaged in priority tasks for the fulfillment of its corporate purpose, such as the replacement of pipe sections, elimination of leaks and obstructions dating back several years, mainly giving priority to leaks that affect the water supply and the main avenues of the city.

For the execution of these important tasks, several UEB of the company are working together, among them, those of Cienfuegos, Abreu, Rodas, Cruces, Lajas, Cumanayagua and the provincial UEB of Maintenance and Equipment.

Desobtrucciones en Cienfuegos

It should be noted that the completion of these works is of the utmost importance for the company, as the main objective is the satisfaction and well-being of the population and providing them with a quality water supply and sanitation service at the right time.

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