Works in the conductor "El Negrito" in Manicaragua, Villa Clara
27 Oct 2020
Trabajos en Villa Clara

In the Villa Clara municipality of Manicaragua, the Villa Clara Hydraulic Works Maintenance and Repair Company (EMROH-VC) executes the rehabilitation of the conduit from the El Negrito dam to the Water Treatment Plant supervised by the Hydraulic Engineering Services Company (ESIHVC). Actions that provide for the reduction of losses of 30 L / s between consumptions en route and leaks, in addition, will allow the reduction of the water supply cycles that today oscillate between 10 and 12 days.

With the progress of the work, the rehabilitation of distribution networks has been taken into account to supply some sections that were receiving direct service from the driver permanently and that are now reconnected to the supply system by cycles, to achieve an equitable supply of drinking water in the municipality.

This is the case of the El Negrito Community where the Base Business Unit (UEB) of Aqueduct and Sewerage Manicaragua supported in the actions rehabilitating the networks and connections and installing meter meters.

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