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10 Nov 2020
Drenaje en Aguas Varadero

A brigade from the Sanitation Directorate worked on the recovery of an old storm drainage system for the evacuation of water accumulated by rain in a neighborhood of Varadero.

To do this, they rebuilt an existing manhole on the sidewalk, giving it depth and cleaning it. In addition, the catchment or sludge trap in poor condition was rebuilt and a concrete trap with a cast iron grid was cast for use as a register and future sustainable maintenance, an action that is included in the monthly maintenance plan.

Drenaje en Aguas Varadero

The work described was aimed at the solution of Approach number 1009 of the Circumscription 100 of the Varadero Popular Council, issued by residents of 24th Street between 3rd and 4th who participated in the visit to the place made by the specialist of the organization together with the President of the Popular Council of Varadero, to whom they expressed feeling satisfied with the work carried out.

Drenaje en Aguas Varadero

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