A water pump and the combined force of avileños optimize the supply service in Morón
13 Nov 2020
Trabajos en Morón

Encouraging and hopeful airs brought to the Morón municipality in Ciego de Ávila the aqueduct workers when they managed, after working uninterruptedly that night of November 1 at the 35 km pumping station, to start a 275 kW pump, improving the service with a flow of 220 liters and 70 meters of load, action that will optimize the average time of service to the population.

Combined forces of the work brigades of the main municipality and the Base Business Unit (UEB) Logistics, Maintenance and Equipment, together with engineers and specialists, contributed their most humble opinions, ideas and knowledge to achieve the objectives achieved.

Also counting on the support of the highest authorities of the Government and the Party of the territory in this important work, where it has been possible to satisfy the expectations of the inhabitants of the municipality thanks to the work of hard-working colleagues, with a sense of belonging and love of work.

Wilmer y secretario Partido
On the left, First Secretary of the PCC in Morón and on the right director of the Ciego de Ávila Aqueduct and Sewer Company


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