Water in the mountains
06 Jan 2021
EAA Granma

Drinking water essential for life and health. Worrying situation, the reality that millions of poor people live in precarious settlements. The basic causes of the current water crisis in the world lie in poverty, inequalities and disparity in power relations, and are compounded by social and environmental challenges.

In Cuba, the situation found after the Triumph of the Revolution in this area in 1959 was truly disastrous, in the 300 settlements with more than 1 000 inhabitants existing in the country, only 114 had supplies. In the conditions of economic underdevelopment that Cuba faced in that period, hydraulic resources, despite their undeniable importance for human progress, fared no better than the rest of its natural wealth.

Thus arises, driven by Fidel Castro, the will to develop hydraulic resources and give the place that corresponds to hydraulics in the social and economic life of the country. The Revolutionary Government, by virtue of the promulgation of its Law No. 1049 of August 10, 1962, creates the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources.

What echoes today and is evident in the rural communities of the mountainous municipality of Guisa, located in the Sierra Maestra of Granma, where 62 years ago the implementation of an Aqueduct System was a utopia for its inhabitants. Today, as a product of the country's investments for the benefit of the people, a response is given, since the proposals of the Economy Plan have been addressed to a total of 456 inhabitants located in the areas of Loma de Piedra and Corralillo, where the peasants fulfill their dream to receive water through Redes.

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Janio Salazar … (not verified)
26 Oct 2021
Los jóvenes que trabajamos en el acueducto de Bayamo vamos a cumplir con la obra Hidráulica que empeso Fidel para dar un mejor servicio a nuestros clientes #Venceremos Cuba #SomosContinuidad
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