Water for life in the Sierra Maestra
28 Dec 2020
Trabajos en Sierra Maestra

At an approximate distance of 52 km from Cruce de Los Baños, in the municipality of Tercer Frente Oriental Dr. Mario Muñoz Monroy, the only eastern municipality that is located entirely in the Sierra Maestra, is the town of Rihíto chupadores belonging to the popular council La Tabla , 100% Plan Turquino.

Community with a serious situation with the water supply, aggravated by the continuous drought that plagues eastern Cuba, in this community the water is carried by animal traction over distances of 5 to 7 km, provided by the well-known water carrier and sold at considerable prices making life more difficult for those mountainous areas.

Trabajos en Sierra Maestra

In order to reverse the existing situation in this mountain community and responding to an approach that has been requested by the community for more than 30 years, the construction of an aqueduct to supply safe water through the network to this community of 200 inhabitants in the heart of the Sierra Maestra.

The work involves the excavation, placement, installation and connection of 2 km of conduit, 46 clamps with links, adding the connections to the houses, which includes the repair of an elevated storage tank located in the community to be carried out. some repairs and the construction of a pump house.

Trabajos en Sierra Maestra

The water catchment work will be from an existing well in the community, with very good quality water, which was sampled and certified as potable and ready for human consumption by the laboratories of the General Technical Services and Analysis Company. , UEB of Analysis and Technical Services Santiago de Cuba.

In this well, a submersible pumping system will be installed, a hypochlorination treatment, and from the tank it will be distributed to the homes and state institutions located in the community.

The work has begun, projecting its completion before the end of the year, it began with the excavation and placement of the conduit where the residents, community officials, the Party and the Government, workers of the UEB of the Aguas Turquino company participated. As well as the workers of the central office, those commanded by the General Director, officials and other managers participated in the opening of the work.

Trabajos en Sierra Maestra

All contributing their grain of sand for life in the Sierra Maestra.

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