Water for life
19 Jan 2021
Covid-19 en Matanzas

We are at the highest peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today more than ever it is necessary to take extreme hygiene measures, while still thinking about saving water, a liquid that is so precious and important at this time.

Regarding this, the Matanzas Aqueduct and Sewerage Company carries out a conscientious job in the disinfection of our main avenues, places of staff agglomeration and core points where positive cases have been reported.

Covid-19 en Matanzas

This pandemic has spread throughout the province and thus the determination and effort of our workers to preserve the health of our countrymen has also spread throughout the area.

The workers of the company do not rest when it comes to the health of our people.

Now it's time to work, we will rest when we have defeated this pandemic.

Let's be responsible, take care of ourselves and take care of our family.

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