They work in Ciego de Ávila for the optimal use of the water resource
26 Aug 2020
Hidráulico Cubano

With an integrated management in defense of the environment and for the optimal productive use of water, the Ciego de Ávila Hydraulic Utilization Company remains at the forefront in the country.

The Vanguardia Nacional entity, belonging to the Construction Union, also prioritizes the quality of its activities and safety and health at work, as its personnel are as essential as the water resource in the construction of new works and the continuity of the programs of economic and social development.

Outstanding among the tasks performed by the labor force are the construction and maintenance actions on the Estero Socorro and Chicola dams, and the fulfillment of net sales for technical services related to the characterization of residuals and other activities.

All these tasks are guaranteed by economic management with financial statements categorized as reasonable, which has made it possible to increase the average monthly salary per worker, based on the application of the payment system for the final results of the work.

The Hydraulic Utilization Company of the Avilanian territory has an outstanding performance in the technical indicators that ensure the fulfillment of its state order, favored by the contribution of the innovators and participants in the Science and Technology Forum.

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Hidráulico Cubano

Specialist in Social Networks of the Higher Organization of Business Management Water and Sanitation. Writer in spare time and computer engineer, from time to time.

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