They plan to install nearly 19,000 water consumption meters in the residential sector
24 Sep 2020
Hidráulico Cubano

The rational use of water in Cuba is a purpose that has a well-founded strategy for its materialization.

Among the main actions in Granma, the Aqueduct and Sewerage company foresees for the residential sector the placement this year of 19 thousand water consumption measuring equipment in a home.

The intention, if successful, would be the highest achieved since that program began, the most significant figure of which was in 2015 with the installation of around 11,500 hydrometers.

At that time, the municipalities Manzanillo, Bayamo, Media Luna, Buey Arriba, Río Cauto and Jiguaní were favored, this allowed the water delivery coverage to be increased up to 23 percent.

The national water policy defines lines that rigorously evaluate the rational and productive use of this important liquid in both the business and residential sectors.

To this priority are added executions that make it possible to eradicate the loss of the finite resource through networks and conductors, which reverts to efficient water consumption.

Tomado de CMKX Radio Bayamo

Hidráulico Cubano

Specialist in Social Networks of the Higher Organization of Business Management Water and Sanitation. Writer in spare time and computer engineer, from time to time.

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