They highlight the vitality of the hydraulic sector in Ciego de Ávila despite the covid-19
08 Sep 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Investments Ciego de Ávila

The hydraulic sector in the province of Ciego de Ávila maintains its vitality despite the limitations caused by Covid-19, by contributing to the growth of its infrastructure for the benefit of the population, the economy and the growth of tourism.

In this sense, the activities continue, which due to their importance contribute to the development of the country and the hydraulic program, framed in the rehabilitation of 3 km of networks, which allow the arrival of drinking water to the new town of Miraflores in the Bolivian municipality, the driver 160 millimeters (mm) in diameter Carolina-Silveira disconnection as well as the 19 easy access points of the precious liquid in the town of Florencia.

Other actions carried out by the institute of hydraulic resources in the province and that respond to historical proposals in the population, are, culmination in the first semester of 2020 of the aqueduct and sewer networks of the petrocasas in Morón, of buildings of the distribution Díaz Pardo in the provincial capital, of the Cañero Massif (in Venezuela, and of the Sandino construction type houses in Punta Alegre.

Danay Téllez Mamposo, main investment specialist in the Delegation of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, reported that among the works that are currently being undertaken, the rehabilitation of 8.5 kilometers (km) of conduit in the El Yarual community, also in the municipality, stands out. Bolivia, which to date has run 1.2 km with the recovery of 10 liters per second, benefiting 1,287 inhabitants.

He also referred to the actions to care for the environment where the investments of the Zaza Ciego channel were continued (in works such as the Ceiba Maniadero infiltration channel, the La Ceiba corridor and the irrigation system for soybeans; while in the Great North Wetland several ecological passes were executed.

In this sense, Téllez Mamposo declared that for all these actions 15 million 840,000 pesos of the annual plan equivalent to about 33 million 708 700 pesos have been executed.

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