A solution for thousands in Aguada la Piedra
14 Oct 2020
Works in Agua La Piedra

Maintenance and repair actions were carried out by the aqueduct and sewerage brigades of the Guardalavaca UEB in the Aguada la Piedra community belonging to the Holguin municipality of Rafael Freyre.

As a result of a report made by the Community Service Center and a proposal by the office of the Delegate of the district related to an existing obstruction, the cause of said obstruction caused by the 3 and a half meter collapse was discovered by the brigade that attended the report of collector and its implication that was much greater, since it affected not only the service center in question but also around a thousand inhabitants of the community, also adding the entities of Copextel, AT Comercial and Trasgaviota.

The pertinent actions for their solution were developed and the final statement was taken to the delegate for their knowledge of the progress of the actions, being satisfied with the answer offered.

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