The solution that reaches the Cagüina de Baracoa community
14 Oct 2020
Cagüina Community

The Cagüina community located in the easternmost municipality of the country: Baracoa suffered a strong impact on the water supply, mainly in the upper part, for this reason, in the 17th Mandate of the 1 process, 3 proposals were derived from the voters of its constituencies Therefore, they were included in the Economy Plan given the high cost that the action to rehabilitate networks and conductors would incur and due to the wide demand for material resources that amounted to a cost of 30,000 Mp.

The great task began in July with a forecast of completion in September, however, due to the epidemiological impact that is taking place in the country and the interruptions conceived as a result, the last actions are still in the process of being executed.

The solution that comes with this work will generate a high impact on the population by improving the water service in this community in which its inhabitants still suffer from the inexistence of the precious liquid.

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