Solution of the leak in Conductor No. 2 of the Banes municipality
16 Feb 2021
Conductora en Banes

Derived from a report made by an operator in the drinking water pumping station No. 3 El Negro located in this community belonging to the Banes municipality, it was known of an existing break in the Conductor No. 2 that goes from said station to the distribution tank from the Nuevo Banes drinking water pumping station that supplies the northern part of the municipality. Providing service to 3408 customers and the extension of the supply cycle to 20 days.

When our brigade presented itself to attend to the report, it was necessary to use specialized equipment, in this case the backhoe as the depth of the driver exceeded 5 meters, so measures were taken, in this case, the placement of a ranfla to locate the team, alternatives that made possible the fulfillment of the planned objective.

Thus, the deterioration of 8 meters of 315 mm pipe was noticed, so it was given the task of locating the necessary resources, as well as the equipment to undertake the replacement of the damaged part.

For the solution of the same, the corresponding maintenance and repair actions were carried out in the conduit, the 8 meters of damaged asbestos cement pipe were replaced by 8 meters of 315 mm polyethylene pipe, thereby giving a solution to the report received. in a period of 3 days and benefiting a total of 3408 clients.

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