Reuse water in Varadero: a promising and still underutilized source of savings
08 Oct 2020
Reuse in Varadero

Aguas Varadero has 5 Waste Treatment Plants (PTRs) and a system of distribution networks for treated water to be reused by 17 hotel facilities that have this service in Varadero, in addition to the golf course.

So far in 2020 these plants have produced 1,001,072m³ of treated water available for reuse in the irrigation of green areas and gardening. With this availability, the actual consumption of treated water in Varadero has been 178,002m³, only 18% of the total produced.

Of the total reuse water consumed to date, the Varadero golf course used 77%, the hotels as a whole consumed 22% and the remaining 1% corresponds to other consumption. The golf course is the main user of this service, consuming an average of 500m³ / day for the irrigation of its 51.7 hectares of green areas. It should be noted that this average consumption is lower than in previous years (1,100m³ / day) given the current epidemiological situation that has limited activity in this tourist facility.

Of the 39,567 cubic meters of reused water consumed by hotels, the one with the highest participation was the Gaviota hotel chain (16%) as it was the one with the largest number of facilities with this service.

Reúso en Varadero

However, it should be noted that the use of this source of saving drinking water is negligible in this tourist center. There are even hotel facilities that have this service and in the last two years they have not had any consumption.

Aguas Varadero, which incurs considerable expenses to keep the purification processes active and with a very small fee for the collection of this service, also has distribution networks for the supply of reuse water to a greater number of hotel facilities, even with Connections installed on the property boundary of several hotels, to increase the consumption of reused water and thus save drinking water and take even more care of our beautiful environment.

We must work, in conjunction with the administrative authorities and MINTUR, to raise awareness among our clients in the hotel sector of the environmental importance of making a wider use of the reuse water supply service.

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Noelis (not verified)
23 Oct 2021
¿A cuánto asciende el presupuesto de las inversiones de las PTRs instadas en la red hotelera de la playa azul?
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