Reservoirs in the province of Cienfuegos show favorable situation
19 Aug 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Reservoirs in Cienfuegos

With more than 274 million 882 thousand cubic meters stored in its six reservoirs, the province of Cienfuegos remains ahead of the favored territories in its water reserves, and is approaching the upcoming dry season in good condition.

Engineer Luís Estupiñán Suárez, specialist in Water Resources Development, commented that the highest filling levels are found in the Avilés dams with 99.5 percent, Paso Bonito at 96.1, which carries out discharges, in addition to the Damují and El Salto, the latter at 100 percent capacity.

He added that the works that have benefited the least so far this year are the dams in the municipality of Rodas: Galindo and Voladora, both below 56 percent.

Estupiñán Suárez reported that from this situation no sources affected by drought are reported in the province.

So far this year the rains have benefited the territory and now reports an accumulated from January to date of 81.4 percent of the historical value for this period, he added.

The dry season is scheduled from November to April, a stage in which not only rainfall decreases, but also the availability of water in basins and underground sources.

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Hidráulico Cubano

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