The rehabilitation of the network system in the town of Antilla, something more than a utopia
08 Oct 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Works in Antilla

The East Hydraulic Works Maintenance and Rehabilitation Company (HIDROCONS) is leading the execution of the rehabilitation of the network system in the smallest municipality of the Holguín province: Antilla, replacing a large part of the existing pipes that are in deterioration.

The town is supplied with surface water from the Nipe – Deleite canal, although it currently has an aqueduct, but this is insufficient considering the population growth induced by the tourist pole in El Ramón de Antilla and the quality of the water that is delivered; For this reason, it is necessary to build the downpipe of the tank and all the distribution networks of the aqueduct that will guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of state entities, large consumers and the current and future population that ranges between 12,415 and 25,000 inhabitants respectively. , according to the Provincial Directorate of Physical Planning (DPPF).

The construction of the aqueduct includes the sectorization of the distribution networks. In the 1st stage, the conduit was executed from the pumping station where the blackboard is located and the electrical controls for the 6 horizontal electric pumps that pump the municipalities of Banes and Antilla to the tank where the distribution pipes are connected, to provide a stable water service to the entire population based on the application of cutting-edge technologies that meet customer needs with excellence.

The rehabilitation of the work is currently in the second stage of execution, 1,902 connections have been placed with a benefited population of 9,510 inhabitants.

In the midst of the vicissitudes that the country faces with the economic crisis that the pandemic has generated, HIDROCONS does not stop efforts so that the rehabilitation of the network system in the town of Antilla is something more than a utopia.

Hidráulico Cubano

Specialist in Social Networks of the Higher Organization of Business Management Water and Sanitation. Writer in spare time and computer engineer, from time to time.

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