Recovering giants
17 Nov 2020
Reparaciones Tanque Lozano

In the Athens of Cuba, the Matanzas Aqueduct and Sewerage company has taken on the task of recovering the tanks that supply the Yumurina population.

Giants that store the vital liquid that our society needs to undertake the most dissimilar tasks of daily life. That is why the optimal state of these is essential to provide a good service.

El tanque Lozano antes de las reparaciones
The Lozano tank before repairs.

Since last September the capital repair of the tank that is located in the upper area of ​​the Lozano district began. Built in the first extension of the aqueduct in 1919, it turned out to be an important work in the supply of drinking water for the region.

At that time the waters of the San Juan springs were added to the Bello and Benavides springs. A pump house and an underground cistern were also built. The original capacity was 300 cubic meters, due to the deterioration of 2 metal panels that made up the upper part of the structure, currently it has around 280 cubic meters.

The first major repair to this tank was in the 1980s, followed by occasional maintenance.

In the same way, repair actions are being carried out for another of these large deposits in the Versalles neighborhood, which supplies around 2 340 inhabitants of this area and the Carol community. It has a capacity of 80 cubic meters. Its construction also dates from 1919 and in turn enjoyed general maintenance in 1980.

Tanque Lozano después de las reparaciones
Lozano tank after repairs.

The Higher Organization for Business Management (OSDE) Water and Sanitation provided us with the necessary resources to continue with these repair actions during this year and the next. The general maintenance of 7 pails and another large tank is also planned.

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