A pumping station is reborn in Guantanamo for the benefit of many
19 Oct 2020
Cayamo Malabé Pumping Station

The Cayamo Malabé pumping station framed within the limits of the Caimanera and Niceto Pérez García municipalities in Guantánamo is a large-scale work, because as a result of the water deficit in the territory, such action had to be undertaken, reflected in the resource investment plan hydraulics.

To date the company has executed 80,800.15 pesos, of the total assigned plan, with this investment around 2,300 inhabitants will benefit, in addition to the West Border Battalion located in this province, said work has been executed by several work brigades between Among them, the Base Business Units (UEB) of Maintenance and Equipment and that of Niceto Pérez can be mentioned. Currently some constructive actions are still underway, such as the conduction to the town of Ullao Viejo, among others.

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