Promote the territorial development of Caibarién
07 Jan 2021
Zafra en Caibarién

Faced with the call made by the President of the Municipal Defense Council in Caibarién, in support of the sugarcane recovery, the workers of the Cayo Santa María aqueduct and sewerage company have taken a step forward in the voluntary work called, in aid of the 2021 food sustainability, in the midst of the confrontation with COVID-19 where it was confirmed that, despite the complex scenario and the measures adopted, the company, the province and the country, in general, have maintained their vitality.

Zafra en Caibarién

Convened by the maximum party leadership, the work centers, are attending the days of voluntary work and the collective of the Cayo Santa María aqueduct and sewerage company, recently received by the Central of Cuban Workers, in the Socialist Emulation of 2019 , the condition of Colectivo Vanguardia Nacional, has not been exempt in these tasks, with the premise that in the municipalities, it is where most of the concepts and projections that are currently being handled are specified in order to advance the economy of the country and territorial development.

Zafra en Caibarién

The novel projection is inserted within the Economic-Social Strategy to confront COVID-19, and is supported by the leadership of municipal governments, and the use of the resources and potential of each locality, taking into account that the country's priority at this time, it must be aimed at food production, as it is the most urgent problem to solve, as highlighted by the President of the Republic Miguel Díaz Canel Bermúdez.

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