Prevention to avoid floods
23 Nov 2020
Saneamiento en San José Ramos

In the town of San José Ramos, belonging to the Matanzas municipality of Colón, the treatment of rainwater is carried out through a drainage channel which empties into the El Carmen river.

This canal had been without maintenance for several years, which caused its obstruction, implying the flooding of parts of this town due to heavy rains, which required the taking of protective measures such as the evacuation of the inhabitants in this area.

When the cyclonic alarm for the province was declared at the beginning of November due to tropical storm Eta, the Municipal Defense Council gave the task to the UEB of Matanzas of the Aqueduct and Sewerage company to eliminate the existing obstruction in said canal, a task that it assumed the Gabriel Valiente Contingent.

The actions developed to eradicate this problem required that not only the existing dam on the bridge be removed, but also the cleaning of around 400 m of the canal, as it was obstructed by large trees that impeded the water course.

With the work that was carried out in San José de los Ramos, almost the entire population benefited since all the rainwater of the town flows into said canal.

For the development of these tasks, they had the support of the Defense area, Delegates, PNR officials and the residents of the community who thanked and were very satisfied with the results of the work carried out.

Once again it is shown that prevention is important to avoid floods.

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