Optimal quality water for Santa Clara
05 Feb 2021
Hidráulico Cubano
Planta potabilizadora Ochoíta

After 1 year of hard work, the investment process carried out by OSDE Agua y Saneamiento in the Ochoíta water treatment plant, belonging to the city of Santa Clara, was completed.

This work, with a cost of 1.3 million pesos, benefits 35% of the population with its service, about 56 thousand people from Santa Clara. A dream come true executed with a lot of sacrifice and commitment that falls on the well-being of the population.

This plant practically did not treat the water, but with the effort of the Maintenance and Rehabilitation Company for Hydraulic Works (EMROH) Centro brigade, in these times of pandemic and limited resources, it was able to start up. It should be noted that the water inlet with turbidity levels of 19 parts per million, at the outlet is at 4.3.

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With the start-up of this plant, the water that now reaches the homes of the provincial capital, meets the parameters established for the service it provides to the population, one of the necessary requirements to certify the quality of drinking water in the territory.

Repairs began on the flocculation part, then on the sedimentation part and then on the filters. In these places all the repair was capital. This whole process will have a great impact on the quality of the water that EAAVC delivers to its customers.

This plant, designed by the French system, is the pioneer in the territory where 100% zeolite was used as a filter bed to eliminate impurities from the liquid.

With the use of the so-called "mineral of the century" imports are substituted and costs are lowered, since the mineral constitutes a national product and is extracted in Villa Clara territory.

Previously, silica sand was used for the filtering process, a product that is traded in the international market for over $ 1,000. In the 8 chambers that this plant has, about 400 tons were needed for water filtration, costing almost half a million dollars for the Ochoíta treatment system.

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