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23 Dec 2020
Bomba de agua

The Hatillo pumping station receives a new 90 / 264V model MC608A horizontal motor for pumping to the city of Palma Soriano in assembly by the provincial Maintenance brigade of the Aguas Turquino Aqueduct and Sewer company as part of the actions for the rehabilitation of the aqueduct and sewerage of the municipality Palma Soriano.

The assembly was not without setbacks, with the collaboration of the hydraulic exploitation company in the province that made it necessary to search for specialized personnel, divers who worked on the reservoir gates to close them and that there was no passage of water, due to the complexities of the assembly with the previous system that connected the station conduit to the dam through the galleries from the bottom of the reservoir making it necessary to dismantle the entire existing system, since the dam was closed in this way and work has continued.

The engine that is being installed was received in reserve for the Hatillo pumping station, which supplies the second largest municipality of Santiago de Cuba with more than 127,124 inhabitants, which made it necessary to increase the supply capacity of the pumping station. Arcoíris rebump that supplies the municipality of Palma Soriano.

The engine in assembly was assigned by the OSDE Agua y Saneamiento so that 100 more liters would arrive at the pumping, said engine was requested within the loan of the Palma Soriano network and aqueduct rehabilitation project.

The assembly has been carried out in stages, work had already been done on the drive of the engine to the pumping station, and work began on the connection of the engine to the Hatillo reservoir.

All the parts, pieces and other accessories for the movement of the motors are in the premises of our company, pending installation and connection with the motor of the electrical panel.

Due to its characteristics, the installation of this motor required a specific electrical panel according to its technical requirements, however, with the premise that in the face of difficulties solutions are required from innovation, adaptations were made to the existing panel, they readapted said panel to increase the protections. having to deal with the fact that the new motor being installed is not the same as the existing ones and that they remain in disuse, while this new one pumps more liters of water with less use of electrical charge, being also of larger dimensions.

The motor that is being assembled will be used as a reserve against breakage or damage to those already installed and in operation, making it necessary only to change the connection to the electrical panel. All these changes will bring about the compensation between the storage tank and the supply of the Rainbow station and that the supply cycles are maintained in 7 days.

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