The monkey whistled in Matanzas, but it didn't stop our efforts!
11 Feb 2021
Acueducto de Matanzas

In the early morning of the first days of February, the lowest temperatures of this winter season were reported in the Unión de Reyes municipality of the Matanzas province. According to the National Institute of Meteorology it dropped to 4.6º Celsius.

But it was not an impediment for the Brigade of Conductors of the UEB Electromechanical of our aqueduct and sewerage company, who, together with their general director and other managers; From early in the morning, they began the repair of the main conduit of the supply source of the Popular Council of Cabezas, in this municipality.

This repair consisted of replacing the existing 250 mm cast iron conductor with new pipes over a distance of 600 meters. This was only the beginning, the total replacement of the same is projected in the first quarter of this year.

In compliance with the 2021 Maintenance Plan, more than 5 km will be replaced in the first 4 months of the year. Losses will be reduced and the efficiency and quality of service to the population will improve.

And yes, the monkey blew, but once again we show that neither the night nor the low temperatures will stop us when it comes to fulfilling our people and our Revolution.

The temperature was 4.6 degrees Celsius, but in the hearts of each one of our workers the desire burned to do his duty.

Words cannot be enough to praise this brigade!

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