A meeting for action, innovation and the future of hydraulics in Palma Soriano
16 Oct 2020
Champan Waugh in Palma Soriano

As part of the government visit to the province of Santiago de Cuba, Deputy Prime Minister Inés María Chapman Waugh checks the investment of the Palma Soriano aqueduct with the delegate of the Institute of Hydraulic Resources in the province and other directors of the Party and the Government in the municipality from Palma Soriano.

Meeting at the headquarters of the Aguas Turquino aqueduct and sewerage company with investors from the Hydraulic Engineering Services company in its UEB Palma Soriano, representatives of the Oriente Hydraulic Works Maintenance and Repair company and entities subordinate to the Ministry of Construction , executors of the works.

The actions developed so far were analyzed, verifying the works in the process of being completed, proposing the use of innovation, the link with the academy and the use of constructive solutions based on territorial productions that allow progress, taking as a premise the non-stoppage of investments, the culmination of progress to give use value and attention to the people's proposals.

In the same way, she congratulated for what was achieved, including the reduction of supply cycles from 20 or more days to 3 or 5.

He also referred that the call of the country in the person of the President of the Republic is to continue working, taking into account that the global health crisis will make it impossible to carry out many imports as well as the increase in the cost of inputs necessary for nationally manufactured products, therefore that it will be necessary to rethink the investment and refocus the use of resources, urging a quick conclusion with all the resources that were obtained.

Chapman Waugh en Palma Soriano

He also called for the daily check of the works, with a foresighted mentality, predicting possible failures to optimize resources from their solution; to joint work with a unity mentality, that each work belongs to everyone, concerns everyone and benefits everyone; to the monitoring and continuous support of the Party and the Government in the locality and province. Always taking into account in all spaces compliance with sanitary hygiene measures in the face of the new normal and responsible behavior from the example of managers and workers.

In direct debate with the residents who benefited from the services, he verified the levels of satisfaction and concerns, giving them the commitment that the Revolution continues for more, without ever leaving anyone helpless.

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yuli (not verified)
29 Nov 2021
La EAA Aguas Turquino. agradece la visita de la Viceprimera ministra Ines María Chapman. para intercambiar experiencias y lograr una mejora continua en nuestro trabajo.
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