Maintenance and Repair of the Mariel Water Treatment Plant
16 Dec 2020

The Base Business Unit (UEB) Maintenance and Repair of Western Hydraulic Works, belonging to the Hydraulic Works Maintenance and Repair Company (EMROH), is engaged in the capital rehabilitation of the Mariel water treatment plant in the province of Artemisa.

As part of the program, the socio-administrative building, the chlorination house and the construction of the perimeter walls are repaired.


The repair of the technological part consists fundamentally in the repair of the settler, the pumping equipment will be replaced, the replacement of existing filters with one of greater capacity and the incorporation of two tanks of 50 m3 each, guaranteeing the expansion of the capacity of the plant from 25 to 50 l / s, for which the construction of a concrete base of 78.5 m3 is required.

These actions are expected to be completed at the beginning of 2021, representing a great challenge to be met that will improve the quality of drinking water and the service in general, increasing the population benefited in this municipality.

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