Little water left tropical storm Laura
05 Sep 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Rains in Guantanamo

Despite the rain in recent days, associated with the passage of Tropical Storm Laura, the province's reservoirs store only 44 percent of their total capacity, which implies only slight improvement compared to the water levels they collected. those works during the same period of the previous year.

According to information from the Command Post of the Provincial Hydraulic Utilization Company, the Faustino Pérez (63.8 percent) and La Yaya (52.8) reservoirs, both fundamental for supplying the urban nucleus of the city of Guantánamo and its surroundings, they are the most benefited.

In coverage they are followed by the San Antonio dam Los Asientos, with little more than half of its glass, escorted by Jaibo, from where the population and plantations of the capital city of the province also feed, while Pozo Azul, vital to the Valley de Caujerí, stores 1,800,000 cubic meters of water.

Most, except the latter, have sufficient reserves to supply their populations for more than a year, although the rainfall since January is lower than in the similar period of 2019 and does not represent even half the historical average of the territory.

Sources from the Command Post also indicated that, among the populations that are not supplied by the aforementioned dams, more than 22 thousand Guantanamo residents suffer the consequences of the drought due to the depletion of a score of supply sources in Manuel Tames, Maisí, Baracoa, San Antonio del Sur, Imías and El Salvador.

Of the rainfall associated with the tropical system, the most significant in 24 hours were 209 millimeters (mm) in San Antonio del Sur, 188 mm in Caimanera, 160 in Jamaica, and the 148 that benefited Imías, the municipality least favored by rainfall. in so far this year.

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