Lake Jackson, en Texas, detecta en sus aguas una ameba que puede causar una infección letal
30 Sep 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Water mouth

Last Saturday the city of Lake Jackson, in Texas, declared a state of disaster after detecting Naegleria fowleri, an amoeba that can cause a deadly infection, in the supply system, reports Fox News.

In early September, a 6-year-old boy died after contracting the Naegleria infection. During the investigation carried out after his death, the health authorities carried out analyzes of the water that found the amoeba in the city's supply system; positive results include a sample from a hosepipe at the child's home.

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the amoeba Naegleria fowleri can cause primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, an infection that is often fatal. Amoeba are naturally found in warm fresh waters (lakes, rivers, and hot springs) and can cause infection when contaminated water enters the body through the nose. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States indicate that the infection can also be contracted when water contaminated with Naegleria from other sources enters the nose (improperly chlorinated swimming pools, or heated and contaminated tap water), but not by swallowing water. It is a rare disease, with 145 cases in the United States documented by the CDC between 1962 and 2018.

Initially, a notice was issued warning that tap water could not be used, applicable to several towns in the greater Houston area, served by the body responsible for water management Brazosport Water Authority. On Saturday that notice was lowered to the Lake Jackson water supply system, and that same night the notice was replaced by another warning of the need to boil water. The Commission on Environmental Quality indicates that amoeba can be managed with the usual treatment and disinfection processes. Together with the municipal authorities, they are working to clean and disinfect the supply system. Until the work is finished, it is necessary to boil the water to drink and cook with it, and precautions must be taken for other uses such as bathrooms and showers.

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Yunior Gonzále… (not verified)
27 Oct 2021
Creo que este es un ejemplo que demuestra la importancia de nuestro trabajo en brindar un servicio de calidad, la población en general no tiene percepción del riesgo en el consumo de agua no potable y con los años de costumbre de tenerla disponible en nuestros hogares se han perdido las costumbres y tradiciones de nuestros ancestros, olvidando la responsabilidad individual en la salud propia y de nuestras familias.
Para la OSDE Agua y Saneamiento es una obligación dar agua segura, para cada uno de nosotros es una responsabilidad asegurar que se mantenga así hasta consumirla.
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