La Gloria recovers
12 Jan 2021
Estación de bombeo

After long hours of work, La Gloria, a pumping station in the Campechuela municipality in Granma province, is able to recover.

This achievement is merited by the intense effort of the workers of the Granma aqueduct and sewerage company who, with the installation of a new water pump, solar panels and the cleaning of a well with more than 11 years of inactivity, managed to renew this infrastructure.

The La Gloria pumping station is recovered, which, once certified by the relevant health authorities as suitable for human consumption, will benefit around 180 people from that community who today receive the service of water in pipes. Adding to this the saving of 175 liters of Diesel.

La Gloria recovers, and with this, a new stage of quality service begins for the Campechuela community.

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