A hydro-agricultural project in Cape Verde allows the use of salt water for agriculture
01 Sep 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
AECID en Cabo Verde

Within the framework of the Rural Socioeconomic Opportunities Promotion Program (POSER) in Cape Verde, financed by the Financial Facility of Spain for co-financing with IFAD for Food Security, the Moia Moia hydro-agricultural project was inaugurated on August 20. in the municipality of São Domingos.

The project has allowed the acquisition and commissioning of a desalination plant, the installation of a solar park and the construction of hydraulic infrastructures, for an added value of 257,176 euros, with the aim of strengthening and boosting agricultural activity by mobilizing and distribution of water for irrigation and public supply. The unit has the capacity to produce more than 40 m3 / day of water, with the exclusive use of solar energy.

This project, which directly benefits 57 farming families (40 men and 17 women heads of household), has also created the conditions for people to have access to water for agriculture, one of the main problems they face. Cape Verde has to face, as well as land, technology, energy and the development of an income-generating activity. And it allows the use of natural resources, such as the sun, and transformed brackish water for agricultural production and human consumption. All this has increased the area of ​​expansion of agricultural production and therefore the income of the families of the community.

Through the aforementioned Financial Facility, Spanish Cooperation contributes, through reimbursable funds, to the financing of relevant projects in the area of ​​food and nutritional security. With a contribution from AECID's Fund for the Promotion of Development (FONPRODE) of € 7.14 million in Cape Verde, the Facility, whose execution ends in 2021, has financed similar projects throughout the country, contributing to the achievement of the SDG 1,2,5 and 6.

The inauguration of the project was led by the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Dr. Ulisses Correia e Silva, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture and Environment, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Energy, the President of the Municipal Chamber of São Domingos, the President of the Association and the General Coordinator of Spanish Cooperation in Cape Verde.

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