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06 Nov 2020
Yuleisy Lobaina Noa
Trabajos de Hidrored

Our company of Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Hydraulic Works "Cuito Cuanavales" (Hidrored) has a territorial scope that ranges from the province of Ciego de Ávila to Las Tunas, composed of three Base Business Units (UEB) in each of the mentioned regions including Camagüey.

The work carried out by each of the UEB responds effectively to our corporate purpose, which refers to providing civil construction services and assembly of new works, buildings and facilities; demolition, dismantling, remodeling, restoration, reconstruction and rehabilitation of buildings, facilities and other existing objectives; repair and construction maintenance to hydraulic and engineering works.

Last October, our company HIDRORED from Camagüey fulfilled a production plan framed in the following works:

The UEB of Ciego de Ávila carried out work on the Lazo Km Hospital Morón conductor, thereby benefiting 5000 homes.

One of the works developed belongs to the water supply networks and pumping station of Florencia municipality of Ciego de Ávila, executed by the UEB de Morón.

Trabajos en Nuevitas

Another of our UEB based in the Camagüey province is also carrying out work in Nuevitas (Santa Lucía). Among them, a 400mm diameter conduit that is built in this municipality with the aim of bringing the raw water supply to the cement factory. As well as the repair of the road to the Nuevitas water treatment plant, benefiting access to it and the residents of that region.

Together with these works, Innovation works are carried out in the recovery of fundamental equipment that guarantees compliance with the production plan. An example of this is the adaptation of a Perkins engine from a Fiori self-propelled concrete mixer to the TRACSTAR 1200 Thermofusion Machine, with the aim of recovering this fundamental equipment to carry out welding work.

On the other hand, work begins on the replacement of the water pipe in the coastal communities El Raíl by UEB las Tunas. This work is an extension of the one already carried out, which is necessary due to the increase in population and in which an injection will be made with a larger diameter pipe to ensure that it reaches everyone with the right pressure.

Work that will generate a high impact since the inhabitants of this region will stop receiving the water service in pipes to access the service by aqueduct. These networks will cover the entire 30Km water service in the coastal communities of Las Tunas from Chaparra to La Boca beach, benefiting approximately 1500 inhabitants. All this without neglecting the work on the residual of the Majibacoa plant with a view to the beginning of the next sugar harvest.

Yuleisy Lobaina Noa

Quality Management Specialist at the "Cuito Cuanavales" Hydraulic Works Maintenance and Rehabilitation Company (Hidrored).

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