HIDRORED runs La Conductora Máximo and new roads for the benefit of Camagüey communities
28 Dec 2020
Yuleisy Lobaina Noa
Conductora Máximo

Our company of Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Hydraulic Works of Camagüey Cuito Cuanavale (Hidrored) has carried out the execution of the Maximum 800 mm conductor, a work carried out by the workforce of the UEB of Camagüey specifically the Driver Rehabilitation Brigade.

Throughout 2020, approximately 16 km of 19.83 km have been executed, despite the difficulties we have faced with the issue of COVID-19, which has brought other deficits in the supply of fuel and raw material (pipes).


Conducotra Máximo

The aim of this action is to improve the supply capacity in the province of Camagüey, covering an area from the Máximo reservoir to the junction of the Cuban-Bulgarian conduit.

During the execution, new roads have also been built for the transit of vehicles since this work has been carried out in a rural area, thereby favoring the inhabitants of the communities from Altagracia to Las Clavellinas in a distance of 2 km and from Las Américas to the Nuevitas road of 4 km.

Yuleisy Lobaina Noa

Quality Management Specialist at the "Cuito Cuanavales" Hydraulic Works Maintenance and Rehabilitation Company (Hidrored).

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