Hanabanilla Reservoir, key in the electro-energy system, without benefits after Laura
27 Aug 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Hanabanilla Reservoir

Lake Hanabanilla, the only one with intra-montane characteristics in the country, and which feeds the main hydroelectric plant on the island, barely received any benefits from the rains of tropical storm Laura, which were scarce in the Villa Clara hills and increased only by one percent. the storage capacity of the reservoir.

Composed of the Jibacoa-Hanabanilla dams, the water mirror of the same name is vital in the national electro-energy system, since the hydroelectric plant that supplies it has the function of balancing the framework when any of its components must go into maintenance or require repair, explains Ángel Rodríguez Massip , in charge of the Jibacoa part.

Tropical storm Laura passed almost without rainfall, and, for example, in Hanabanilla only eight millimeters fell, 71 in Jibacoa and in Guanayara where the highest number is reported, only 85 millimeters, illustrates Rodríguez Massip.

From 41 percent where it was, it rose to 42, 2, practically insignificant, he added, however, expectations are located in the months of September and October, the last of the wet period in Cuba that began in May- and that they are usually characterized by abundant rains.

The Robustiano León hydroelectric plant, also known as Hanabanilla, is the largest of its kind in the Greater Antilles and has a power of 45 megawatts, hence the guarantee of its operation is in this water system that also supplies part of the population of Cienfuegos and Villa Clara.

The Villa Clara territory today collects 577 million 720 thousand cubic meters of water in its 12 reservoirs, for 57.1 percent of storage, a figure similar to that presented before Laura's passage.

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