Guantánamo aqueduct and sewerage workers breathe healthier air
11 Jan 2021
Yohannia Samón Savón
Limpieza de zanjas en Guantánamo

In order to improve the environmental conditions that affect our surroundings, the company Aqueduct and Sewerage Guantánamo drew up a strategy that would allow it to solve the dumping of the ditch located in front of its central office, approving the channeling action of the same in the investment plan of the Delegation of Hydraulic Resources.

The task has been carried out by the UEB Sanitation brigade, a consecrated group with a high sense of belonging.

This investment overturns the reduction of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito infestation rate, improves sustainability in the place, and also responds to an approach of the population living in the surroundings.

With this atmosphere of purity and cleanliness, the workers of the company dismissed the past 2020 and we ratify the commitment to continue fighting for the conquests of our Revolution.

Yohannia Samón Savón

Social Communicator of the Guantánamo Aqueduct and Sewerage Company

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06 Dec 2021
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