The EMAROHO translated into works
23 Oct 2020
Glenda Turro
The EMAROHO translated into works

La Empresa de Mantenimiento y Rehabilitación a Obras Hidráulicas de Occidente (EMAROHO) se encuentra inmersa en varias obras en ejecución para el mejoramiento del abasto de agua en Cuba.

Colector de Residuales Ave 48 en Cienfuegos
Waste Collector Ave 48 in Cienfuegos

Work to restore an existing 900 mm and 630 mm sewer pipe with 1 km of 900 mm pipe and 1 km of 630 mm pipe finished 6 sections have approximately 600 ml of which the road has been concreted, only 200 ml remain 300 ml is excavated to place the 100 ml pipe section 7. Cleaning the sediment pipe. It improves the excavation of the residuals in a part of the city of Cienfuegos that is currently limited by the situation of the existing pipeline.


Conductora 5ta F
Conductor 5ta F in Havana.

Initially, the rehabilitation of an existing 33 steel conductor section with a 1000-inch HDPE, facilitating an interconnection of a 315-mm pipe through 110th street to another branch of 146th street with the intention of injecting water into the line of 5th Avenue. Reducing losses in an existing section and also helps supply water to the 5th Avenue line. Where the excavation works began, 450 ml were welded with a physical scope of 315 mm-600 ml pipe and 1000 mm-780 ml pipe.


Conductora Crucero Este en La Habana
East Cruise Driver in Havana

Work that includes 2 sections of pipe 630 mm and 500 mm. Improving the water supply in the coastal zone of the port, injected from the source of supply El Gato with an interconnection in the avenue of the port. It also works in the section of 500 mm executed 1900 ml. Close to starting work on the 630 mm section with a physical scope of 630 mm-1500 ml pipe and 500 mm-5300 ml pipe.


Conductora Boris Luis Santa Coloma en Madruga
La Coloma

Improving the water supply to the Pinar del Rio province where the main objective of the work is to replace the section of a conductor 20 in a state of deterioration, in which 2 km are currently being executed.

Glenda Turro

Specialist of the Institutional Communication Directorate of OSDE Water and Sanitation.

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