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07 Oct 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Works at Cruz de Piedra

The rehabilitation works of the brigade # 4 of the UEB of Hydrology, belonging to the company of Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Hydraulic Works of the West (EMAROHO), one of our construction companies, continue.

This time, the beneficiaries will be the residents of Cruz de Piedra in Havana, enjoying the results of the rehabilitation of their main driver. The works will be executed for a 3.0 km length with 110 and 160 mm pipes and will cover the section from Finca Carretera EL Guatao to La Concepción.

1.7 km of pipe with a value of 121 million pesos (MP) has been executed to date, leaving a length of 1.3 km with an approximate value of 60 MP to be executed.

Trabajos en Cruz de Piedra

Trabajos en Cruz de Piedra

Hidráulico Cubano

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