El Asiento Water Treatment Plant
04 Feb 2021
Planta Potabilizadora  El Asiento

During a tour of the executives of the Ciego de Ávila aqueduct and sewerage company, together with specialists in Institutional Communication and Panel and the head of the territory's area, they had the opportunity to see an interesting and impressive water treatment plant in the El Asiento town of the municipality Chambas. Which was built in 1907, placing it as one of the first in the province, in interviews with the operators and residents of the place, we were able to verify that this historic facility is today a pumping station that supplies the precious liquid to more than 1406 inhabitants.

It is important to mention that despite the years and having a wooden structure, it is working in optimal conditions and providing an excellent service, also having a loading bay for the tank cars that supply some locations. Neighbors of the place assure that it was created by a North American company with the aim of expanding its services to the Central of Punta Alegre.

Planta Potabilizadora  El Asiento


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