The dream of the waters is fulfilled in Puriales de Caujerí
13 Nov 2020
Yohannia Samón Savón
Trabajos en Puriales de Caujerí

The dream of the waters, the commercial motto of the Guantánamo aqueduct and sewerage company, takes hold of the inhabitants of the intricate area of Puriales de Caujerí in San Antonio del Sur.

They lacked a good water supply service due to the poor condition of the hydraulic networks, which led to the issuance of proposals during the process of rendering the account of the Delegate to the voters, involving two sectors of the place.

The Base Business Unit (UEB) outlined the strategy to provide a solution to these approaches, an objective achieved this month after receiving the necessary resources for its execution, including 200m of 75 mm pipe, benefiting with these actions a population of 164 people.

Yohannia Samón Savón

Social Communicator of the Guantánamo Aqueduct and Sewerage Company

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