A different park for Camagüeyan children
18 Nov 2020
Parque Casino Campestre

The Casino Campestre Park, considered the largest in Cuba in a city, is the green lung of Camagüey, as an infrastructure it is of great importance in the territory due to its nature, social purpose and multiple benefits towards the Camagüey community.

In this park, the great variety of vegetation that characterizes it invites young and old to enjoy its benefits, but at the same time, as the flora is so ancient, its roots have caused the collapse of the storm drainage system causing annoying obstructions.

Due to this, a relevant work was undertaken in the areas of this children's amusement center, working intensively on the replacement of the tubes and maintenance of the records, a task carried out by the UEB Sanitation brigade.

This action has a great impact on the population, thus eliminating the obstructions that bothered children, parents and the general population so much because this is a flagship place of our city and of recreation for the locals.

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