Desalination plant comes into operation in the community of Granma
26 Sep 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Drinking water

The El Salvial community, belonging to the municipality of Cauto Cristo, today has a desalination plant that allows the distribution of drinking water to more than 1,800 inhabitants.

For this small population, it is great to consume drinking water without having to travel to distant areas to obtain this liquid, which in El Salvial has a high concentration of salts.

Reason that required the placement of the aforementioned plant and this was done. Despite the cost of technology, the country again invested in welfare for all and on this occasion the Hydraulic Resources sector in Granma carried out this action.

But the intentions in terms of promoting a better service in the water supply strongly stumble with the refusal to acquire parts and accessories in territories near our island due to the Blockade imposed by the United States Government.

For this reason, the acquisition of desalination plants is possible after prior negotiation with European and Asian nations, which doubles their value due to the remoteness.

To this expense due to distance must be added the quality of the raw material, specifically in the use of certain accessories, of which the United States is a leader in their manufacture.

Such a situation causes the prices of raw materials from distant places to reach up to 30 percent above their cost, as happens when importing meters from China, which can be obtained at a lower price in some countries in America.

And thus, the same amount of resources that are essential for progress in the intention of delivering quality water.

But, although the North American empire continues to build walls around this island, the hydraulic sector for its part continues to increase the number of clients benefiting from its services.

From CMKX Radio Bayamo

Hidráulico Cubano

Specialist in Social Networks of the Higher Organization of Business Management Water and Sanitation. Writer in spare time and computer engineer, from time to time.

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