Cuban dams, with "water at the waist"
28 Aug 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Zaza Dam

Although between the months of May and August of this year the average rainfall in the country exceeded the historical level of the period, the reservoirs of the Island still have "water to the waist", as they barely exceed half their capacity and the Insufficient offer that Laura brought left them still thirsty.

Until last day 25, Cuban dams accumulated 5,068 million cubic meters, a figure that represents 55% of total storage, according to a report provided to Granma by the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH).

According to the source, 94 reservoirs show a filling greater than 75%, 86 held volumes less than half of their capacity, and 36 held less than a quarter.

The slight benefits associated with the passage of Tropical Storm Laura were more notable in Santiago de Cuba (with 99.2 million cubic meters collected) and in Granma (91.4 million).

Another 81 dams recorded some increase in their level, while seven provinces, including Camagüey, Villa Clara and Matanzas, showed a decrease in their reservoirs.

Located in Sancti Spíritus, La Zaza, the largest in Cuba, with a capacity of 920 million cubic meters, did not have any recovery associated with Laura, as the rainfall occurred in the south of that area, said the Master of Science Argelio Fernández Richelme, Director of Hydrology and Hydrogeology at INRH.

It also reported that of the 101 main underground basins on the island, 85 are in a normal state.

«The most unfavorable situation lies in the provinces of Artemisa, Havana and Mayabeque, where the Ariguanabo, Vento and Jaruco basins are located, which supply the population of the capital. Although these reserves have increased in recent weeks, they still do not reach the desired levels for adequate extraction, "he explained.

From Granma

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