Cuba restores its mangroves with UNDP assistance
19 Aug 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
Cuba and the mangroves

A project that combines the natural and artificial regeneration of mangroves with good management of land, water and living resources will bear its best results in about 15 years, but residents of the Cuban province of Artemisa assure that it has already decreased. impact of wind and flooding in the area.

"Here you can breathe a healthy world," says María Teresa, a resident of the Mayabeque province, in Cuba, who manages the protected area of the Gulf of Batabanó.

Mangroves are present in 70% of the Cuban coasts and their loss increases the vulnerability of the communities that inhabit the coast.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is working with the country's agricultural and environmental authorities on an intensive mangrove rehabilitation project.

Click here to know the details of the restoration of these ecosystems and the involvement of coastal communities in the effort.

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Hidráulico Cubano

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