The conquests of the Revolution: a desalination plant in Punta de Maisí
18 Dec 2020
Yohannia Samón Savón
Planta Desalinizadora Punta de Maisí

We have sufficient reasons to defend our Revolution. Thanks to the investments made in hard-to-reach areas in order to improve the quality of life of the population, today we have a desalination plant in Punta de Maisí, a very distant and mountainous place in eastern Guantanamo.

With this work in operation, around 1 125 inhabitants benefit, it implies that said population is not affected by drought, a weather event that strongly affects this municipality, in addition, it improves water quality and reduces distribution cycles.

Desalinizadora en Maisí

A strategy taken by the management of the UEB of Acueducto Maisí was the construction of a pipe filler in said plant, thus reducing the mileage of the water pipe, which favors considerable fuel savings for the entity, in addition to guaranteeing the service when there are damages by the networks caused by turbidity or by some unforeseen breakage.

The Maisiense population appreciates this investment carried out thanks to the conquests of our Revolution.

Yohannia Samón Savón

Social Communicator of the Guantánamo Aqueduct and Sewerage Company

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