Cienfuegos aqueduct, works to solve problems
07 Jan 2021
Trabajos en Cienfuegos

The Cienfuegos aqueduct and sewerage company is engaged in various tasks to solve the problems that affect our city, to date it has worked on the suppression of 44 leaks and has also solved 6 large obstructions where the brigades UEB maintenance workers work from early hours without limits on their schedules.

It is important to highlight the work that is being carried out at the Paso Bonito water treatment plant, where a fault was detected in the filter washing tube, making it necessary to stop it, replacing 16 meters of pipe, of which 13 meters of polyethylene and 3.5 metallic.

Taking advantage of the stoppage of the water treatment plant, we proceed to the maintenance and repair of backwashing valves of filters and in filling them with zeolite, the maintenance of the valves that allow the entry of raw water from the canal and the work bottom of the dam.

It is also important to acknowledge the hard work of the personnel that is executing the work in Paso Bonito, the maintenance brigade of the provincial UEB in conjunction with ASTICAR colleagues, as well as the support to the UEB Cienfuegos of the municipalities of Palmira Rodas and Abreu in the suppression of leaks and general sanitation in the city, because despite the problems that our country faces, we give ourselves the daily task of contributing to our revolution and providing the best of ourselves for a better quality service to the population that is ours Reason to be.

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