Cayo Santa María Aqueduct and Sewerage Company, National Vanguard
09 Sep 2020
Hidráulico Cubano
EAA Cayo Santa María, National Vanguard

At the end of last year, the Cayo Santa María Aqueduct and Sewerage Company was recognized as the best entity in the country in the hydraulic sector located in tourist areas. The institution supplied 100% potable water to more than 12 thousand rooms in all the facilities, in addition to the support companies.

They also guaranteed the collection, treatment and reuse of wastewater. Precisely, for these and other outstanding results in 2019, the Cayo Santa María Aqueduct and Sewerage Company received the status of National Vanguard, granted by the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba.

All this was possible to a great extent thanks to the infrastructure created to guarantee the vital service in the Cayería Norte de Villa Clara, says Vladimir Santaya Santana, director of the Cayo Santa María Aqueduct and Sewerage Company.

“To guarantee this service we have two pumping stations with active and reserve chlorination. With a conductor that reaches 80 kilometers with around 24 kilometers of networks. We have 5 waste treatment plants and two stations for its re-pumping, as well as one for drinking water”.

To these facilities are added two desalination plants, one already in operation and the other in the assembly process.

With a workforce of 135 workers, this company also supports different tasks in the municipality of Caibarién.

“We provide help in sanitizing, cleaning pits. We also sponsor schools, in this case the National Sailing School and the construction of homes for victims of weather events,” said Santaya Santana.

This recognition is the dedication and commitment of a group, for providing an optimal quality service to the main tourist center of the province.

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