The Caimanerense population receives safe and quality water
12 Feb 2021
Yohannia Samón Savón
Conductora Caimanera

In order to guarantee a better water supply service in the Caimanera municipality, a considerable rehabilitation was carried out in the conduit that supplies the municipal seat, where around 7,006 inhabitants remain en route, in addition to several state institutions of great interest both economic and social in that Guantanamo terroir.

Hard work was carried out by the UEB Maintenance and Equipment workers led by its director to complete, in record time, this great work that was conceived within the investment plan of this aqueduct and sewerage company.

With this rehabilitation, the municipality reduces large losses in conductors, a factor that had a negative impact on the supply service mainly in high areas, in this way the pumped water reaches its final destination thus complying with the state commission of the entity, there is also evidence of a energy efficiency in the consumption of pumping equipment.

Exploits like these cannot remain silent, because, despite the epidemiological situation facing the province and the country, our workers grew unconditionally.

This task enhances the hydraulic sector in Guantánamo, as well as its development.

Conductora Caimanera

Improving the quality of life of the population is our mission, we have the great strength that we have a high potential of brave men who give their best under any circumstance.

Yohannia Samón Savón

Social Communicator of the Guantánamo Aqueduct and Sewerage Company

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