Base Forum in Aguas Varadero
27 Oct 2020
Fórum en Aguas Varadero

In this month of October, the Aguas Varadero Base Forum was held.

The works presented had the required quality, meeting the requirements demanded by the members of the Commissions and those who direct the activity in the center, which allowed understanding them and the possibility of holding this event in a non-face-to-face way, given the situation that still runs through the country.

Three commissions met: Generalities, Adaptation of Spare Parts and Construction of Assemblies. 18 papers were presented, all related to solutions and economic effects that reduce expenses, increase worker participation, and minimize the negative impact on the environment, with the reduction of office supplies, through the use of web pages .

4 Relevant works, 6 Outstanding and 8 Mentions were selected. Among the most outstanding works evaluated as relevant, there is: Cash Card Management Systems - link with GCOMBTweb, the latter designed for only fuel, it was possible to add other possibilities to the program, which is why it was a tool capable of performing in a simple the printing of Accountability Certificates without being limited only to fuel cards.

Another of the works awarded as relevant for the contribution were those related to the operation of the combined unit of the PTR Las Conchas, saving total energy to generate air by design by replacing the compressor and taking the air from the sandblasters that produce the blowers.

Likewise, the rescue and start-up of the YUNG-K tractor, the repair of the ventilation system of the auxiliary engine of the High Pressure Truck, which has had an outstanding job within the towns of Santa Marta, Humberto Álvarez, Guásima and El Varadero Tourist Pole, in the irrigation of chlorinated water in the streets, against COVID 19, to which a device that replaced the hose and the manual way of doing this irrigation was also added.

The Sanitation Directorate was the area that presented the most work and these workers were publicly recognized, in addition to congratulating the participants and the members of the Commissions, presenting the results in a special morning.

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