Balance Assembly in HIDROCONS. Commitment and good results
10 Feb 2021
Ania Nuñez
Asamblea de Balance en HIDROCONS

The Hydraulic Works Maintenance and Rehabilitation Company (HIDROCONS) carried out the work balance for 2020, where the main results achieved were analyzed. Committed to continue working to achieve better achievements as indicated by the country's leadership. With the presence of the General Director, members of the Board of Directors, together with the provincial delegate of hydraulic resources and the Director of Investments in the meeting, the main deficiencies were critically evaluated.

Even though the year that ends was characterized by the tightening of the blockade of the Trump administration and the effects of the Covid pandemic19, the company fulfilled the plan in values ​​and in the economic order, the sales plan was 118% and physically it was fulfilled 143%. 7 works were delivered in the province of Holguín and 8 works in the province of Guantánamo for a total of 15 works.

The Director General emphasized that 2021 will also be difficult, where the task of organizing the country begins and the results must be greater, putting into practice once again our attitudes and our behavior to achieve the work objectives. For his part, the delegate of the Hydraulic Resources system in the province of Holguín alleged that the company has been consolidating results in its management and recognizes the work of management and workers in general.

Ania Nuñez

Hidrocons Communicator.

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