Assembly of electrical panels with first world technology
23 Feb 2021

Specialists from UEB PANELEC, belonging to the Maintenance and Repair Company for Hydraulic Works (EMROH), give the latest technological adjustments in the assembly of electric boards in the Cárdenas aqueduct, using first-world technology.

These panels, manufactured in-house, with a French-technology stainless steel cabinet, will guarantee a fully automated system with high reliability and a stable water supply that will benefit more than 30 thousand inhabitants. Later, similar panels with stainless steel will be built for tourist facilities near the sea in order to avoid corrosion.

This new type of panels represents a direct impact on the development of the country's hydraulic systems and in terms of import substitution, it saves the country about ¼ million euros, in addition to guaranteeing a better safe water supply service to the population.

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